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WELCOME to Troop 685 and an exciting year ahead! Please take the time to register your son and yourself with the Troop.

The following items are included in your registration packet. All forms except the Part C of the health form must be completely filled out and returned with the appropriate fees to be registered. This information is due to the Troop before your son can participate in any troop activities other than regular Troop meetings.


1. BSA Youth Application

2. BSA Adult Application

3. BSA Medical Form 

4. Troop 685 Code of Conduct

5. Troop Store Order Form (Troop shirts, hats, patches, etc). You may pay for these online here              and bring your receipt to the Troop meeting to pick up your items, or complete the form and           bring with your payment to the meeting.


Registration Fees:

      * Scouts transferring from another unit (Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop) -  $50 Troop                dues, prorated

      * New Scouts (not transferring) - $50 Troop dues (prorated) + $60 BSA Registration (prorated)

Contact us for more information:

Camping Gear Guide for New Boy Scouts

Part 1
Part 2

Learning to Speak "Scout"

At some point your Scout is going to start speaking the foreign language of Scouting. Below are some commonly used words and phrases to get you started. Click here for an exhaustive list...



Assistant Patrol Leader



Assistant Scoutmaster



Assistant Senior Patrol Leader


Axe Yard

An area that is roped off in which an axe, hatch or other chopping tool is used.



Lord Baden-Powell was the founder of the scouting movement. The Baden-Powell training program is designed to get new scouts the basic scout skills and help them to advance to First Class.


Blood Zone

A safety zone around someone using a pocket knife, hatchet, ax, or other sharp tool. Basically it is an arms length plus the length of the tool in all directions. No one should be in another persons Blood Zone when a sharp tool is in use.


Blue Card

In order to work with a Merit Badge Counselor the scout must first obtain a Blue Card from the Scoutmaster. Blue Cards are the record of Merit Badge progress and are turned in to receive the Merit Badge after all the requirements have been met and the counselor has signed off the card. The scout should keep his copy of the the blue card until after he has reached the Rank of Eagle. The plastic baseball trading card holders work well for storing completed Blue Cards.


Board of Review - BOR

As a requirement for each rank advancement a scout must appear individually before a group of three to six adults (members of Troop Committee) to ensure that the scout has met the requirements for that rank. By policy the Scoutmaster (SM) and Asst. Scoutmasters (ASMs)can not set on a BOR. A Board of Review takes place after aScoutmaster Conference for Rank Advancement, or when a Scout requests it or if the Troop Committee feels the Scout needs it. Eagle boards are conducted at the district level.


Buddy System

Whenever a scout needs to go somewhere at camp, hiking, Merit Badge Class, etc. it is always done in groups of at least two. A scout always takes a "buddy" scout with him. Also used as part of the "Safe Swim Defense" program.


Boy Scout Ranks (in order of increasing rank)


Second Class

First Class




Eagle Palms: Bronze, Gold, Silver



Camp out attended by several troops within the district. Usually there are various competitions between the patrols attending.



Adult member of the Troop Committee who provides guidance to scouts related to observance of the 12th point of the Scout Law - A Scout is Reverent. This adult works with the Chaplain Aide, a youth leader.


Charter Organization

The organization that is officially chartered by the Boy Scouts of America to carry out the scouting program. The main liaison between the charter organization and the troop is the Charter Organization Representative (COR).


Class A/B/C Uniform

Different types of activities require different uniforms. Class A is a complete uniform, Class B is a red T-shirt with Scout Hat, Class C is causal or street clothes.



Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. (Boy Scout activity involving heights, trust and team building).


Court of Honor - COH

An awards ceremony at which scouts are recognized for their rank advancements, merit badges earned, and other awards.


Cracker Barrel

A scout term for a social gathering with refreshments after a meeting or activity. Often an evening activity at camp before taps.


Dutch Oven

A large cast iron covered pot used to bake and cook in.


Firem'n Chit

A certification given to Scouts who know and understand fire safety rules.


Green Bar

Collective term for all of the boys who have "green bars" on their patches, or hold a leadership position in the troop. 



The individual who is responsible for buying food for their patrol for a campout or other outing.



Scout meeting or camp out on a grand scale. There are national and international jamborees.



What the Boy Scouts call an outdoor bathroom without plumbing.


Order of the Arrow (OA)

A national brotherhood of scout honor campers of the Boy Scouts of America. Members are elected by their peers after meeting basic requirements of camping knowledge and experience. Also called OA. The OA motto of "Cheerful Service" indicates their purpose. They are often found improving scout camps, running council events, and providing service to the scouting community.


Patrol Leader (PL)

The elected leader for the patrol. He appoints an Asst. Patrol Leader (APL) to help in running the patrol.


Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

Made up of the youth leadership of the troop. They meet once a month to plan the following months' activities and annually to plan the upcoming year.



A Troop or Patrol member who looks after the troop or patrol equipment.


Scoutmaster (SM)

Adult leader who trains and guides the youth leaders in carrying out the scouting program. One or more Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM) help the Scoutmaster and are often assigned specific roles and duties.


Scoutmaster Conference

A formal meeting that takes place at a Troop meeting or activity between a Scout and the Scoutmaster, or a person he designates, to review a scout’s progress. A Scoutmaster Conference takes place at advancement time prior to a Board of Review, when a Scout requests it or if the Scoutmaster feels the Scout needs it.


Scouts' Own

Non-denominational religious observance of reflection usually conducted on camp outs. Allows each Scout the opportunity to obey the twelfth point of the Scout Law in his own way.


Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

The senior-most elected youth leader of the troop. The SPL is in charge of the troop at all functions and activities. He appoints one or more assistants (ASPL) to help him in running the troop.


Totin' Chip

A certification that enables the bearer to use knives, axes, and saws. It must be earned by the Scout through educational and hands-on safety sessions led by an adult leader or older scout appointed by the scoutmaster. Any time a Scout is observed doing something unsafe with a sharp tool, a corner is cut off his Totin' Chip card. When all four corners are gone, the card is taken away and must be re-earned.


Troop Guide

A senior scout who is assigned to work with new Scouts. He helps them feel comfortable and earn their First Class rank.


YIS - Yours In Scouting

Often used as a closing in an E-mail similar to how "Sincerely yours" might be used in a letter.


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